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Force Feeding Cattle: Grass-Fed vs Grain-Fed

I was engaged in a brief conversation last week, when I received the following reply:

@JeffFowle Cows eat grass naturally.We force them 2 eat corn 2 fatten quickly.They don’t digest it well & humans don’t digest the beef well.

 This is not the first time I have seen a statement like this on Twitter, let alone other social media platforms.

 Feeding Grain

First, cattle love grain, literally. I shared two personal examples with the individual.

 Example #1: When we are bringing cattle up to the corrals, on the west side of the ranch, they break into a run as they come around the hill before entering the barnyard…in a beeline to grain tanks that we store our rations in. Despite keeping the platforms relatively clean under the tanks, there is always some remnant grain available and a mass of black bodies soon envelop the tanks, looking for a treat. It then becomes a grand “game” between the dogs and cows to evacuate the area. Read more…

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