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Results: From Unity, Caring and Sharing

Over 6,000 family farmers and ranchers converged in Atlanta, for the 92nd Annual American Farm Bureau meeting. Each individual represented a unique ingredient of what collectively makes up American agriculture.  Over the course of four days, old acquaintances were reunited, new friendships were forged, valuable information was gained, lessons were learned and the policy to guide Farm Bureau through the next year created through the ingenuity of grassroot family farmers and ranchers. Read more…

A Cowboy, A Policeman & A Cabby

Some snow did fall in Atlanta and what a beautiful scene it was last night. Conversations were alive, describing how Atlanta would simply “shut down” for the snow. I thought to myself “Surely these folks couldn’t be serious.” By 10:00 there was a whopping 2″, maybe, with a steady breeze and the folks were right. Atlanta did “shut down.” The cars disappeared, including the taxis, retail establishments hurried customers out early and locked the doors and the sidewalks were empty….except for a cowboy from California, a couple from Michigan and farmer from Ohio. Read more…

Watch Where You Walk When You Talk

What an amazing day in Atlanta. Following lunch, while returning to my room to get my phone charger, I struck up a conversation with a gentleman by the door. We continued to walk into the CNN center talking. I failed to notice that he had pulled out a card and swiped it next to a door. He opened the door and motioned for me to enter. We continued to walk and Read more…

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