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First Family Friday

September 12, 2011 4 comments

This past summer has been crazy….

Due to long hours haying, my wife being gone for eight weeks in CO to become a Two-Star Parelli Professional we have had very little family together time.

My wife and son went on a camping trip for four days…but I had to stay home and hay.

My son and I spent three days at the county fair, showing sheep and horses…but my wife was helping put on a clinic in OR.

Upon my wife’s return from CO last week, we sat down and decided that we needed to set aside some family time and came up with the idea of Family Friday.

Being able to do things together as a family is very important to us and with our son about to turn 5, it is setting in that time waits for no one.

Family Fridays have now been designated as the day or night that we will do some activity together as a family, without distractions, just focusing on us as a family…having fun!

Last Friday was our first, with the entire family back home at the same time.

To start our new tradition, we headed to the mountains for a few hours with the horses. There is nothing better than a peaceful ride as a family, dogs bouncing through the Manzanita, breeze blowing through the trees and the smell of pine in the air.

It was agreed by all, as we headed back to the truck and trailer…Family Friday was a great idea.

Looking forward to this coming Family Friday….

Side Note: We took our ride in forest managed by Sierra Pacific and they are doing an excellent job of maintaining forest health. Nice job Mark Lathrop (@sustainablewood on Twitter)!

Processed Foods, A Rancher Inquires

While doing chores this morning my Droid vibrated to signal incoming data of some sort. My general rule of thumb is to ignore all incoming data until after chores and after my son is fed. However, I was in the pickup returning from checking cows, so I checked. It was a tweet from Rob Smart:

@JeffFowle How do #farmers feel about highly-processed foods dominating supermarket shelves? #ProFood #AgChat

An interesting question, I had my own thoughts on the issue, but the timing was perfect, after taking my son to preschool on Tuesdays, I usually stop by the local bakery. Our bakery is a hot spot for farmers and ranchers to stop in for a cup of coffee and talk some local news, weather, politics and sports before continuing with their day. This would be an opportunity for me ask some others about their thoughts on the matter.

Country Bakery, Etna California

Local Coffee Stop

I dropped my son off and stopped at the Country Bakery. Sure enough, a farmer and a couple of ranchers were enjoying coffee. Read more…

Time – Focus On Children

The past three weeks has caused me to contemplate the matter of time and how I budget time. Like finances, time can be budgeted and I highly recommend that folks do, for many of the same reasons. Like money, time can be wasted. However, unlike money, more time cannot be earned. We are here on this planet for a finite period and it is important we invest our time wisely.

Begin your Time Budget by establishing what is most important to you, budget your time accordingly and then write it down and stick to your budget. Similar to money, time has an ROI (Return On Investment) value. It is important that the time you spend is quality time, especially when it comes to time invested with our children.

Read more…

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