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Fathers Beware or A Horse Trader Is Born

I could not wait on this post….

I have been trying to teach my son the skill of bargaining and using logic to make deals with people to get what he wants or to save money. He has attempted several times with me…unsuccessfully…until today.

I just returned from the local Hardware Store with my son.  My purpose for going was to pick up new hacksaw blades, a pair of pipe pliers and another roll of duct tape (not for running out yesterday min you.)

My son and I have an “understanding” when we go to the hardware store; he may look, but not touch.

Today, while finding the proper hacksaw blades, my son came up to me and said, “Dad, I found a truck I like and it’s only 5-9-9.”

I said,”Good for you! Want me to add it to your wish list?”

Son: “I don’t think so. I think I want to buy it dad.”

Me: “Hmm, ok…is this truck something that you need or want?”

Son: “I know dad, we don’t need everything we want. I’ll tell you what, I’ll make you a deal.”

Me: “Ok. What’s deal are you proposing?”

Son: “I’ll pay for it with my piggy bank and pick up the trash in the yard from the dogs.”

Me: “Are you sure you want to spend $5.99 of your hard-earned money on this toy?”

Son: “Well……I can choose five toys from home to sell and use that to refill my piggy bank and you can pay me $2 for cleaning the yard.”

Me: “Yes, you can do that if you want to and I’m willing to pay you to clean the yard, but are you sure you really “need” this truck?”

Son: “No…but I can rummage toys from home to pay for it, I’ll work for pay and if I play with it I will be exercising and making myself healthy.”

Me: “With that logic son, I’ll buy it for you, but you still have to choose five toys to rummage. Ok?”

Son:”Is that a deal dad?”

Me: “That is definitely a deal, son.”

Son: “Shake on it?”

Me: “I’ll shake on it. [smiling]”

Son: “Thank you dad!”

I just had to share this with you.

Not sure if I’m proud or worried….



Time – Focus On Children

The past three weeks has caused me to contemplate the matter of time and how I budget time. Like finances, time can be budgeted and I highly recommend that folks do, for many of the same reasons. Like money, time can be wasted. However, unlike money, more time cannot be earned. We are here on this planet for a finite period and it is important we invest our time wisely.

Begin your Time Budget by establishing what is most important to you, budget your time accordingly and then write it down and stick to your budget. Similar to money, time has an ROI (Return On Investment) value. It is important that the time you spend is quality time, especially when it comes to time invested with our children.

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Single Dad For A Month

Single Dad For A Month

It’s been a while since I made the time to make a post. Hay season is upon us, changing water two and three times a day, the usual chores with cattle and horses and my wife is taking a class in Colorado for a month; which means I have our son to myself for some quality time.

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