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A Perfect Storm

Current elements in the economy and the agricultural industry have the makings for a “perfect storm.” Just last week I was asked to do an interview pertaining to the current price situation for the beef industry. As I did the interview I realized what a unique set circumstances we have. In short, do not be surprised when you do not see ranchers and farmers jumping for joy over the currently high market prices. We are in very uncertain times. Read more…

Regional Food Systems, Are They Possible?

Growth of Farmers Markets

Growth of Farmers Markets

For the most part, infrastructure exists to meet the needs of local markets across the country. Granted, processing facilities in many regions are limited, but generally speaking, are able to provide adequate  service to keep producers with product to supply Farmers Markets and direct sales.

I feel there is general agreement that if more facilities were available and/or existing facilities were able to expand, more farmers and ranchers would be able to market their product on a regional (larger scale) than just locally. The big question is how can we improve the infrastructure to create viable regional opportunities? Read more…

Processed Foods, A Rancher Inquires

While doing chores this morning my Droid vibrated to signal incoming data of some sort. My general rule of thumb is to ignore all incoming data until after chores and after my son is fed. However, I was in the pickup returning from checking cows, so I checked. It was a tweet from Rob Smart:

@JeffFowle How do #farmers feel about highly-processed foods dominating supermarket shelves? #ProFood #AgChat

An interesting question, I had my own thoughts on the issue, but the timing was perfect, after taking my son to preschool on Tuesdays, I usually stop by the local bakery. Our bakery is a hot spot for farmers and ranchers to stop in for a cup of coffee and talk some local news, weather, politics and sports before continuing with their day. This would be an opportunity for me ask some others about their thoughts on the matter.

Country Bakery, Etna California

Local Coffee Stop

I dropped my son off and stopped at the Country Bakery. Sure enough, a farmer and a couple of ranchers were enjoying coffee. Read more…

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