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Animal Abuse, Video and Responsibility

I just read and article, “Iowa House Agrees To Prohibit Secret Animal Abuse Videos“. I did a post a few weeks ago on this subject, “Photos, Private Property and Politics” and have been thinking on the matter further. When thinking about current legislation being proposed in a number of states on the matter of video taping on farms, ranches and processing establishments I think there are four basic factors to consider when drafting legislation.

1. Trespassing – Plain and simple, if someone trespasses on private property, urban, rural, home, ranch or business, it should be a felony, period. As a misdemeanor, cases of trespass are often not even prosecuted and when they are, are more often than not plead out or dropped. People who trespass are directly violating another individuals personal rights and freedoms and should not be tolerated.

2. Biosecurity – Individuals who are working for groups with agendas that promote animal rights and would like to see the elimination of animal agriculture do not consider the health risks to animals which they claim to be in support of. No two farms or ranches are the same and individuals, sneaking from farm to farm, can easily carry viruses and bacteria on their clothing and place the health of animals at risk. It is especially concerning when individuals may go from an auction yard, which host a multitude of vectors for diseases and then enter a farm or ranch, carrying with them, that which was picked up at the yard. Not to mention, many of these so-called videographers have filmed over seas, in countries with diseases that we do not want re-introduced here.

3. Management – Individuals who are in charge of hiring and firing the workforce need to be diligent in two particular areas. First, be diligent in doing background checks and talking to references. Make certain the people you hire are of the proper disposition and integrity to work with animals. Second, be diligent in training employees in the proper handling techniques to ensure that all animals are treated with the proper care. Make sure all employees are familiar with the equipment and know how to handle situations in which animals can be stressed or in distress due to injury or illness.

4. Verification – In operations and facilities that have large workforces, install cameras so that all aspects can be monitored to ensure that proper handling techniques are being utilized and identify people, equipment and situations that can be improved on behalf of the welfare of the animal. Being able to monitor the day-to-day operations can be invaluable when it comes to reducing stress of both people and animals and identifying areas that are in need of upgrade, repair or re-design.

Finally, employees who see issues that are of concern, should have a clear understanding of how to report those concerns immediately, so they can be addressed and fixed. A clear chain of command should exist on all farms and ranches. Should the matter not be addressed, then the appropriate authorities should be notified.

Any operation that fails to do proper background checks, fails to properly train employees, fails to monitor day-to-day operations closely, fails to address issues of concern deserves any and all legal action afforded their actions as is pertinent for the state which they do business. Likewise, individuals who trespass, put the health and welfare of animals in jeopardy for the sole purpose of shooting a video to further the agenda of radical animal rights groups, should also be prosecuted to fullest extent of applicable law.

Photos, Private Property and Politics

There has been a fair amount of discussion recently over legislation being submitted across the country that would make it illegal for someone to photograph or shoot video on agricultural operations without the permission of the owner. Discussions on this type of legislation has been very polar, with folks either in full support or adamantly opposed. I find myself aligning more in the middle.

First, Senator Jim Norman (R) of Florida proposed the legislation, SB 1246, on Feb. 21, 2011.

“An act relating to farms; prohibiting a person from entering onto a farm or photographing or video recording a farm without the owner’s written consent; providing a definition; providing penalties; providing an effective date.”

Also considering similar legislation is the state of Iowa which introduced, on March 2, 2011, House File 589.

“HF 589 addresses concerns of bio-security of Iowa’s animal industry and the well-being of animals. The bill protects livestock and crop operations against unauthorized destruction, killing or injuring of stock, or disruption of agricultural or bio-technical operations on an owner’s premise. Additionally, it makes it unlawful to produce, possess, or distribute an unauthorized recording (sound or image) at an animal or crop operation.” Read more…

Response to PETA Article in Sacramento Bee

I am writing in response to the opinion piece that was published in your Lifestyle section on October 11, 2010. It is sad that you would publish an article by an animal rights activist that paints every farm, ranch and animal facility with one broad brush of inaccuracy and fallacy. The vast majority of farmers and ranchers treat their animals humanely and respectfully. As a rancher and an active animal welfarist, I would like to share the following thoughts.

Read more…

Dear Mr. Limbaugh

Mr. Limbaugh,

I’m a 39-year-old, 3rd generation Christian, Conservative Agriculturist. I’ve been listening to you since the beginning at KFBK and appreciate all of your efforts for the conservative movement. However, you really need to do some further research into the HSUS. HSUS is NOT the organization at the local level that does all of the good work for cats and dogs and other companion animals.

The Humane Society of the United States is playing solely off of the emotions of Americans. They back their plots with little science. They sway big name celebrities to push their agenda and they focus on portions of our society that know very little about where their food comes from.

The HSUS is a serious threat to family farms and animal agriculture in the United States. While our “leaders” (I use the word lightly) in Washington can bail out banks and businesses by printing more money, food cannot simply be printed! Agriculture has always based its production methods on sound science and research. I am simply asking you to do the same, especially when it comes to supporting an organization that threatens the bread and butter of our country.

There is a very good, unbiased, article at that gives an accurate depiction of the HSUS. In all honesty, the HSUS is on the same level as PETA, ALF, and the Gore Greenies, and we all know your position on those groups.

As I have great respect for you and your efforts, I felt responsible to let you know of this situation before it tarnishes your good character.

Thank you again,

Jeff Fowle

Mr. Limbaugh can be reached at the following:
email –
phone – 800-282-2882

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