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Stuck In The Mud – A State Of Mind

The other day, after returning from Atlanta, I was going about my daily routine, thinking I was in four-wheel drive and proceeded to get stuck. After getting out of the truck, looking things over, checking my hubs, then looking at my dash panel, I realized I had not been in 4 wheel drive. After locking my four-wheel drive, I easily pulled out of the mud and proceeded, simply by transferring  from a single wheel attempting to drive the vehicle to four wheels working together in unison.

This situation got me to thinking about the relevance of my getting stuck in the mud and how it metaphorically applies in the real world.

Example 1: Federal government is “stuck in the mud” believing they know what is best for the individual.  Isn’t it time to “lock in four-wheel drive,” work with the people and allow the individual the opportunity to choose what is best for themselves? Read more…

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