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Thoughts From An Airport

Sitting in the Reno Tahoe International airport, waiting for my first of two flights to Atlanta for the 2011 American Farm Bureau Annual Meeting as California Delegate, I finally have a moment to collect my thoughts.

As a rancher, it sometimes feels like more work to get ready for a trip away than it is worth. There was the routine series of double checks:  fences, gates, water trough heaters, grain tank supply, fuel in feedtruck, health check on the horses and cattle, calf count, walk through with dad to be sure he understands the chores and special needs for any livestock. Despite my best efforts, it always seems like something happens while I am gone. However, being a part of the Farm Bureau family is a special and worthwhile opportunity.

Farm Bureau is a unique organization. There is not another organization in the world that represents such a diverse membership and is driven by policy that truly starts at the ground level, the county. Our state and federal legislatures could learn a lot from the Farm Bureau process.

This will be my second annual meeting and I am looking forward to participating again. I look forward to the passionate discussions, meeting new friends and learning new things. Every trip is an opportunity for knowledge.

For my fellow Farm Bureau family members, I look forward to seeing you again or meeting you for the first time. For those folks not a family member, follow the blog, enjoy the experience and think about joining and supporting American family farmers and ranchers.

Here is hoping for a safe trip and uneventful operation of the ranch while I am gone.

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