Field Rotation – Phase II (Plowing)

After two weeks, all the vegetation that was susceptible to glyphosate (Roundup), has turned brown, and it is time to start plowing.

One Week After Spraying

Two Weeks After Spraying & Beginning To Plow

Due to the presence of fescue and orchard grass, it was necessary to use a traditional rollover plow, in order to get below the roots and turn the sod over. Plowing also exposes the roots of all the plants and will cause many, not all, of the plants that are not susceptible to glyphosate to die.

Following the harvest of grains, I am able to use a chisel plow, which breaks up the compacted soil, but does not expose the root zone. I will use the chisel plow when I move from wheat back to grass, to keep more moisture in the ground for the seed bed in June/July.

Plowing exposes the root zone to allow for drying and allows for the sod to be broken up more easily during plowing and also, by penetrating 16″, gets below the compaction area to allow for a new, soft seed bed for the new plants.

Once the field is plowed, I will wait for six days before beginning to disc.

Stay tuned for Phase III.

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