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Life and Death

First Lamb of 2011

Kyle with 1st lamb of 2011

As some of you are aware, my parents have sheep as well as cattle and have been in Denver the past few days at the NCBA Convention. As with most family farms and ranches, the family that stays home covers the responsibilities of those who are away.

This morning, my 4 year old son Kyle and I drove to the other side of the ranch to check the lambing ewes for my parents, do their morning chores and feed their cows. Upon arriving we quickly noticed a Suffolk ewe in one corner of the pen in labor and a Hampshire ewe in labor in another corner. The Hamp ewe already had one lamb out and its head was up, indicating that she was getting along by herself. However, the Suffolk ewe looked to be in great distress and we could see a head of lamb showing and it was swollen with its tongue hanging out, not a good sign. Read more…

Focus On 2011

2011 has officially arrived. A soft blanket of snow has covered the ranch, the ground is frozen and the air is crisp and clean. A new year presents the opportunity to all of us to reflect internally and consciously determine the road we follow. Over the past couple days I jotted down a few items for my plan of action in the coming year. What are you going to focus on?


  1. Thank the good Lord for the blessings bestowed upon you.
  2. Focus on family.
  3. Utilize your skills and talents to the best of your ability.
  4. Maintain a positive mental attitude.
  5. Help those less fortunate when able.
  6. Do your part to leave the country better off for the next generation.


  1. Share your personal story with civility and professionalism.
  2. Look for opportunities to build bridges.
  3. Challenge yourself to positively engage in communities outside your comfort zone.
  4. Learn to listen and discover.
  5. Find the joy in the journey.


  1. Buy only what you need, not everything you want.
  2. Prepare a budget and follow it.
  3. Maintain a diverse retirement portfolio.
  4. Prepare or update your estate plan.
  5. Make sure you have adequate insurance.
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