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Regional Food Systems, Are They Possible?

Growth of Farmers Markets

Growth of Farmers Markets

For the most part, infrastructure exists to meet the needs of local markets across the country. Granted, processing facilities in many regions are limited, but generally speaking, are able to provide adequate  service to keep producers with product to supply Farmers Markets and direct sales.

I feel there is general agreement that if more facilities were available and/or existing facilities were able to expand, more farmers and ranchers would be able to market their product on a regional (larger scale) than just locally. The big question is how can we improve the infrastructure to create viable regional opportunities? Read more…

Letter of Thanks to Senater La Malfa & Assemblyman Nielsen, 1600 & ITP Permit

Honorable Senator Doug La Malfa

Honorable Assemblyman Jim Nielsen

February 17, 2011

I would like to personally thank both of you for your involvement in the matter of the California Department of Fish and Game Incidental Take Permit and the citizens of the Scott and Shasta Valley.

For more than 30 years the farmers and ranchers of the two valleys have been voluntarily improving water efficiency, installing fish screens, replacing push up dams with permanent, fish friendly structures and incorporating bypass flows into their diversion structure designs.  All of these actions were done proactively to address potential impacts to salmonids. In addition, landowners along the two rivers have installed fencing to better manage grazing in riparian areas and have voluntarily stabilized banks and planted native vegetation to improve the habitat. Read more…

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