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Whitman, Illegals & Desperate Measures

The recent headline of California Governor Candidate Meg Whitman has me fuming.

Why is there no discussion about the employment agency that provided the Whitmans with employee?

Employers often utilize employment agencies or guest worker programs to find employees so they do not have to deal with hassle of background checks.

With the recommendation of an employment agency, copy of a social security card and a driver’s license, the Whitmans had no reasonable reason to question the legality of the employee.

Did the Whitmans pay the respective taxes and social security payments based on the provided documentation? Yes.

Did the Whitmans terminate the employee when they discovered the status of her citizenship? Yes.

Unless you have employees and have had to do back ground checks, zip it!

The fact that the employee was recommended, had forged documentation and had resided in California, drawing a paycheck for as long as she did, demonstrates the complete failure of our current immigration system.

I support a strengthened border to eliminate the entry of illegal aliens. It is a National Security matter and the safety of our citizens demands it.

I support a functional and reliable guest worker program. The American economy, especially agriculture, depends on it.

Finally, I honestly believe this story hit the news for one single purpose, political gain through negative publicity, when the other candidate, Gerry Brown, realized that the good folks of California were not buying his bag of goods.

Do not allow this desperate attempt to discredit Meg Whitman influence your opinion. Look at the substance of her position on the issues.

California needs a governor who understands the importance of a healthy and viable agricultural community, can cut spending and not tax and regulate business out of the state.

I have met Meg Whitman. I trust Meg Whitman. I believe Meg Whitman is the only choice for California governor.

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