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2012 Farm Bill: Is It Finally Time?

I have written in other posts on my thoughts regarding the Farm Bill. Once again, we have the opportunity to make changes that could turn a program into a true safety net…meaning it would send producers back up, after falling, not catch them and not let go, or worse yet, promote a state of long-term dependence.

Being from California, I suspect I have a slightly different perspective on the issue of crop insurance. However, I also believe that there are others, particularly in Florida and Michigan, to name a few, who have some similar thoughts. I mention this because of our tremendous diversity in crops grown, many of which do not even qualify for support from the current or past Farm Bills. Read more…

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Waco

If you are reading this post, I survived my flight from Houston to Waco. There was another post, programmed to release on Monday, if I had crashed.

Have you ever approached a plane and had the hair on the back of your neck stand up…even a little bit?

I fly a fair amount…enough to probably be considered a “regular” flyer. I am not one to have second thoughts about flying…it’s almost second nature so to speak. However, on the evening of January 27, 2012, that was not the case. Read more…

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Degrees, Could They Be More Useful?

When I saw the article on Yahoo last week, ‘College Majors That Are Useless,’ I was reminded of some thoughts I had last May when it first ran on another site. After digging around my laptop a bit, I finally found some notes I had jotted down.

First and foremost, I do not believe that ‘Agricultural Degrees’ are “useless.” However, unlike many, rather than compose a response that points out the value of such a degree, I was struck with the thought, “could agricultural degrees be MORE useful?”

For that matter, could all degrees be more useful?

Personally, I think a quality and broad education, no matter the “degree” associated with it, is only useful if the person is able and willing to apply what they have learned. (But that is another post.)

For the purpose of this post, I am referring to all agriculturally related degrees: animal science, crop science, soil science, agricultural business, horticulture, etc.

Keeping in mind, that agriculture is an ever-changing industry, constantly developing and implementing new technology, becoming more efficient and modifying production practices; are colleges offering and requiring courses for their degree programs that are relevant? Read more…

Yahoo and Agvocating…Time To Look In The Mirror

I can’t help but shake my head in disbelief at some of the responses coming from some in the agricultural community in regards to the article in Yahoo News that listed the “College Majors That Are Useless.”

I am particularly disappointed when I see individuals who are “teaching” others how to utilize social media to agvocate and individuals who have attended training’s, react in such a way.

This article and the one last May were wonderful opportunities to respond in a positive manner and encourage dialogue and conversation on the topic.

However, what ensued were multiple comments, tweets and responses on Facebook that were little more than shouting and bragging…not productive. Read more…

Driving In Snow or What Are You Thinking?

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to speak to the Forest and Vegetation Management Conference in Redding, California. This is usually a short little two hour drive, however, with the current winter storm that finally arrived, there was a bit of snow and it became a 3 1/2 hour trip. Heading south was slow, but fine, slush, packed snow, ice…the usual for our area. Southbound was requiring chains on everything except 4×4’s.

The presentation went very well, I met some wonderful forest revegetators, caught up with some old friends and opened a few doors of opportunity.

My trip home was another story. Northbound was shut down to semi’s and two wheel drives towing trailers, chains on two wheel drive vehicles and 4×4’s were with snow tires were fine. Over the course of the two hours from Redding north, I could not believe what I experienced. Read more…

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