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Grandpa’s Friend

Megan, Charlie, Baley (Left-Right)

She wasn’t much of a cow dog and was scared of horses, but she knew what her purpose in life was.

She started out as my wife’s dog, being cute, friendly and….just because.

Eager to please and be a friend, she may have been timid, but was loyal to the end.

When Grandpa lost his dog, the two seemed to know and she bonded right away.

She’d be waiting for him at the door in the morning and by his side she’d always stay.

As years passed by, his pace slowed down and frequent stops provided needed rest.

Yet, she’d always stop and wait, patiently sitting, as a trusted friend she was the best.

Near the end, on the hospital bed he lay, a couple days left on his earthly stay.

We’d sneak her in his room, upon her head his calloused but gentle hands would lay.

She finally heard the good Lord, and departed us, to return to him, in Heaven, today.

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