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H.U.D. – Horrifically & Unbelievably Dissipative

Years ago, my grandfather put a two bedroom, single bath mobile home next to the barn. It has air conditioning, a working fireplace, stove, oven, refrigerator, free water and free trash, a large yard and is nestled underneath six large oak trees. It was his desire to offer this domicile to folks who were down on their luck, strapped for cash, on a fixed income or simply needed a place to get their feet back under themselves. Over the years we’ve had individuals, young and retired couples live in the home for a few months at a time and as long as 11 years. Many people have been able to catch back up and move ahead. It has also served as a benefit to have someone living in the barnyard to keep potential deviants away.

Since my wife and I have taken over, we have continued to honor my grandfathers wishes. A retired couple was in the home, until the husband required more immediate medical attention. We then had a newly married couple live in the home, have a daughter and they have now been able to afford a bigger home. This brings us to the past week…. Read more…

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