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AFBF 2010 Convention Demonstrates Open Arms, Appreciation & Values

At the 2010 American Farm Bureau Convention, President Bob Stallman opened the activities with an inspiring address and was commended through a standing ovation by a very diverse crowd of family farmers and ranchers. Farmers and ranchers representing every commodity, every state, including Puerto Rico and every method of production were joined together for one objective; to work together to ensure “Passage to Success” for all American Agriculture. It is the ability for this diverse community to come together and discuss sensitive issues in a professional and civil manner and coming to agreement for the benefit of agriculture that makes the American Farm Bureau Federation so special.

The American Farm Bureau Federation opened the doors to the media, including representatives from publications of opposition. It was and is the intent of the American Farm Bureau to welcome individuals with open arms to engage in positive dialogue and demonstrate the tremendous grass root foundation that exemplifies Farm Bureau’s purpose to make progress based on freedom and dignity of the individual, sustained by basic moral and religious concepts.

Certainly, it was disappointing to see several articles published that portrayed the American Farm Bureau Federation in a negative light. However, family farmers and ranchers will continue to encourage positive dialogue, even with those who are in opposition, in the hope that understanding can be reached in an effort to share the positive message that farmers and ranchers have with the public. Family farmers and ranchers are and always shall be optimistic, welcoming and looking for opportunities to engage the public in a civil manner with the hope for beneficial outcomes.

As Terry Bradshaw stated in his address to the delegation, “Life is too short not to smile and be appreciative for the bountiful blessings bestowed upon us by our creator.” We should all be thankful for the work of America’s farmers and ranchers for providing the country and the world with a bountiful supply of safe and healthy food. Thank a farmer!

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  1. January 13, 2010 at 8:46 AM

    I was impressed with the range of farmers I met working in the trade show. Met one with a u-pick farm near Charleston that I may have to visit, some lamb producers, blueberry farmers, corn growers, all areas of crops & livestock seemed to be there! Such a great collection of people!

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