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Return Letter to Parelli, Regarding HSUS Partnership

With all due respect, I have been to their offices in Washington, D.C. and have personally met with Paul Schapiro, Director of Factory Farming Campaign, at both his office and the National Press Club. I have PERSONAL EXPERIENCE.

The HSUS has gone beyond simply working for the humane treatment of animals, and has become an animal rights organization that is vigorously working to pass legislation that is detrimental to family ranchers in California and across the nation. Their efforts to pass Proposition 2 in California is a prime example. I am one of those family ranchers that is also a Parelli student.

HSUS’s campaign against livestock production threatens family ranchers across the nation and encourages society to choose a vegetarian life style.

Direct From HSUS:

“Each one of us can help prevent animals from suffering in factory farms simply by choosing vegetarian options. It’s never been easier to replace animal products with readily available vegetarian alternatives.”

“Visit the HSUS Guide to Vegetarian Eating for more information on how you can help farm animals when you eat, including delicious recipes, tips on incorporating more animal-free meals into your diet, shopping list suggestions, and much more. And for more information on the lives of farm animals and other ways you can help them, visit”

“The life of an ant and that of my child should be granted equal consideration.”-Michael W. Fox, HSUS Senior Scholar”We have no problems with the extinction of domestic animals. They are creations of human selective breeding.”-Wayne Pacelle, HSUS President & CEO”My goal is the abolition of all animal agriculture.”-J.P. Goodwin, HSUS Grassroots Coordinator

While HSUS may use the term “factory farming,” to gain support, their impact is and has been tremendously detrimental to family ranchers and farmers.

Certainly, Keith Dane, Director of Equine Protection, may be a Parelli student. However, instead of working to improve the conditions of horse processing, he worked to abolish it, and is now actively engaged to make it illegal to transport horses to processing facilities, rather than work to ensure improved transportation techniques.

Here in the west, horse rescue facilities are overcrowded, people are turning their horses loose in the dessert, and even turning them out in strangers fields. I have been personally aware of this. Without a horse market, there is no place for horse owners to get rid of their horses, whether it is because of finances or age.

Is it really more humane to have domestic horses starve in the wild, get hit by vehicles on remote highways, and place pressure on wild herds. How would you feel if someone dumped their horse on your private property and your horses were injured or incurred a disease?

I am VERY aware of what HSUS has done, is doing and is planning on doing. I am not “influenced” by propaganda, or rumor. I have experienced personally, the aftermath of HSUS and am working to fight their agenda on a daily basis, while trying to earn a living to provide for my family.

Yes, I do care about the future of Parelli and am deeply troubled by the partnership with HSUS.

However, I care more for the future of family farmers and ranchers that are feeding the world, conserving natural resources, enhancing the environment and continually being challenged and attacked by the HSUS.

I would strongly encourage you to look beyond your relationship with Mr. Dane, and discover how HSUS is effecting livestock and family farmers and ranchers.

I look forward to your response.


Jeff Fowle

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Response from Parelli, Regarding HSUS Partnership

I received the following on July 8, 2009 via email, from Elizabeth Andriot .

Thank you for your concern, however we do not share those same concerns as you. We have had many personal meetings with the HSUS and visited their offices and we have known the Director of Equine Protection for some years now. He is an avid Parelli student and has dedicated his life to protecting the dignity of horses from birth to the end of their life. Any ‘rumors’ we hear are taken straight to him to get the facts.

We fear you are being influenced by anti-HSUS propaganda which tends to make accusations based on rumors and opinions rather than facts, much the same as what happens to us! Perhaps you should take the time to visit personally with them at their offices so you have the opportunity to base your opinions on first hand experience.

I’m sure you wrote to us because you care about Parelli and for that we are most appreciative.

Yours naturally,

Linda and Pat Parelli

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