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Agricultural Acronyms

After the last #agchat, several people were having difficulty following some of the acronyms that we in ag use on a regular basis, and especially when we are limited to 140 characters. I’ve decided to start an alphabetical list so those who are not “in the know” will be able to more accurately follow along. These first acronym lists are terms that producers utilize to make management decisions on which sires to use on specific dams in order to improve production.

EPD – Expected Progeny Difference


BW – Birth Weight
CW – Carcass Weight
D – Docility
DCE – Direct Calving Ease
FT – Fat Thickness
GL – Gestation Length
M – Milk
Marb – Marbling
MCE – Maternal Calving Ease
MH – Mature Height
RE – Rib Eye Area
RF – Rump Fat
S – Stayability
SC – Scrotal Circumference
WW – Weaning Weight
YH – Yearling Height
YW – Yearling Weight
%RP – Percent Retail Product
%IMF – Percent Intermuscular Fat


BD – Body Depth
CM – Cheese Merit
DF – Dairy Form
DPR – Daughter Pregnancy Rate
F – Fat in Milk
FA – Foot Angle
FLC – Foot and Leg Composition
FLS – Foot and Leg Score
FTP – Front Teat Placement
FUA – Fore Udder Attachment
M – Milk
NM – Net Merit
P – Protein in Milk
PL – Productive Life
RA – Rump Angle
RLR – Rear Leg Rear View
RLS – Rear Leg Side Set
RTP – Rear Teat Placement
RUH – Rear Udder Height
RUW – Rear Udder Width
S – Stature
SCS – Somatic Cell Score
ST – Strength
T – Type
TL – Teat Length
TW – Thurl With
UC – Udder Composition
UCT – Udder Cleft
UD – Udder Depth

Sheep (Not used as frequently as in beef, dairy and swine.)

CC – Crimp Count
FT – Fat Thickness
FW – Fleece Weight
LEA – Loin Eye Area
MM – Maternal Milk
MMG – Matenal Milk and Growth
TOB – Type of Birth
WW – Weaning Weight


ADG – Average Daily Gain
BF – Back Fat
F/G – Feed to Gain
D250 – Days To Reach 250 Pounds
LBS – Pounds of Lean
LEA – Loin Eye Area
LWT – 21 Day Litter Weight
MLI – Maternal Line Index
NAT – Number After Transfer
NBA – Number Born Alive
NW – Number Weaned
SPI – Sow Productivity Index
TSI – Terminal Sire Index
WDA – Weight Per Day of Age

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