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Dear Mr. Limbaugh

Mr. Limbaugh,

I’m a 39-year-old, 3rd generation Christian, Conservative Agriculturist. I’ve been listening to you since the beginning at KFBK and appreciate all of your efforts for the conservative movement. However, you really need to do some further research into the HSUS. HSUS is NOT the organization at the local level that does all of the good work for cats and dogs and other companion animals.

The Humane Society of the United States is playing solely off of the emotions of Americans. They back their plots with little science. They sway big name celebrities to push their agenda and they focus on portions of our society that know very little about where their food comes from.

The HSUS is a serious threat to family farms and animal agriculture in the United States. While our “leaders” (I use the word lightly) in Washington can bail out banks and businesses by printing more money, food cannot simply be printed! Agriculture has always based its production methods on sound science and research. I am simply asking you to do the same, especially when it comes to supporting an organization that threatens the bread and butter of our country.

There is a very good, unbiased, article at that gives an accurate depiction of the HSUS. In all honesty, the HSUS is on the same level as PETA, ALF, and the Gore Greenies, and we all know your position on those groups.

As I have great respect for you and your efforts, I felt responsible to let you know of this situation before it tarnishes your good character.

Thank you again,

Jeff Fowle

Mr. Limbaugh can be reached at the following:
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phone – 800-282-2882

Is Grass Really Greener?

I’ve begun hearing an argument among “green” activists and some Grass Fed niche marketers that grass-fed cattle are “greener” and produce less methane (CH4) than their grain fed counterparts.

Folks, go back and review your feeds and feeding class, nutrition class and biochemistry class.

First, grain has a higher TDN (total digestible nutrient) than forages. Due to higher TDN, in most comparisons, grain digestion results in an average of four times less methane (CH4) production. In addition, due to the higher digestibility of grains, it requires less energy to breakdown, thus results in a higher net comparable energy gain than forage digestion.

For example, think back to that steer you fed in 4-H or FFA. When you started them on feed your ration was probably around 80:20 (roughage:concentrate or hay:grain) and over the course of feeding, as you neared the end point, that ratio changed to around 35:65. A lower energy, higher protein diet was utilized to maximize growth at the beginning of the animals growth curve and transitioned into a higher energy, lower protein diet to encourage inter muscular and subcutaneous fat deposition. Now, remember how that steers phenotype changed over the course of feeding him? At the beginning, he walked around the pen with a what? “Hay Belly?” Correct! and as time went on, that belly gradually diminished as the ration increased in the percentage concentrate being fed. That “Hay Belly” is methane gas (CH4). OK, enough for the feeds and feeding lesson.

Those in the beef industry need to make sure that the information they present to the consumer is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I fully support niche marketing, however, utilizing mis-information to gain a market share, mislead the public and potentially hurt others within the industry is not the Christian thing to do. Utilize the true scientific merit or consumer preference to support your endeavors.

For those in the general public, before you believe what you read or hear on the news or from a friend, or organization, always check the science.

The grass is not always greener.

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