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In Support Of A Hero….@TheDaveReynolds

Dave Reynolds

This morning, after finishing chores, I grabbed another cup of coffee to enjoy, while waiting for my son to wake to up. Our plans for the day, cutting more Alfalfa. I sat down at my desk and began browsing Tweetdeck to catch up on the latest happenings around the world.

To my surprise I saw a tweet by my friend @MatthewLiberty:

This was a big surprise and unbelievable.

I stopped my morning and put together this post in support of Dave.

I met Dave through Twitter. I began listening to @99.7theriver each morning because of Dave.

Dave is a caring, generous, self-less individual who loves his community. How much so?

Ty Sullivan (@ty_sullivan) captures the  essence of Dave best in his post “And JustUS for All.”

I showed my support for Dave by calling the Vista Radio headquarters at 250-334-2421 and entered 0 to reach the operator. She claimed to know nothing about the situation, but I told her to relay that I was from CA, began listening to 99.7 The River because of Dave Reynolds and even donated to the Campbell River Food Drive because of Dave.

I encourage all of you to call in and voice your support for Dave, even if you never listened to the show or knew Dave.

Dave earned my trust and respect through his actions supporting his community and those who are hungry.

Thank you Dave for all that you have done.

You have my support!

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