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The 25th Of May

It is the 25th of May

And we are all eagerly waiting to begin cutting hay.

The thermometer says it is 34

As I return soaking wet, from changing water, carrying firewood in the door.

I can see the snow falling in hills across the way,

Time to reevaluate my plans for the day.

It is hard to believe I can see my breath in the air

So I settle down next to the fire, coffee in hand, in my big leather chair.

Driving In Snow or What Are You Thinking?

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to speak to the Forest and Vegetation Management Conference in Redding, California. This is usually a short little two hour drive, however, with the current winter storm that finally arrived, there was a bit of snow and it became a 3 1/2 hour trip. Heading south was slow, but fine, slush, packed snow, ice…the usual for our area. Southbound was requiring chains on everything except 4×4’s.

The presentation went very well, I met some wonderful forest revegetators, caught up with some old friends and opened a few doors of opportunity.

My trip home was another story. Northbound was shut down to semi’s and two wheel drives towing trailers, chains on two wheel drive vehicles and 4×4’s were with snow tires were fine. Over the course of the two hours from Redding north, I could not believe what I experienced. Read more…

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