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A Cowboy and Two HSUS Supporters Boarded A Plane…

A Beautiful Horizon

Despite disliking being away from the ranch and family, I look forward to traveling and challenge myself to meet new people, learn new things and make each trip memorable. This trip is definitely going down as one to remember. Read more…

Response to PETA Article in Sacramento Bee

I am writing in response to the opinion piece that was published in your Lifestyle section on October 11, 2010. It is sad that you would publish an article by an animal rights activist that paints every farm, ranch and animal facility with one broad brush of inaccuracy and fallacy. The vast majority of farmers and ranchers treat their animals humanely and respectfully. As a rancher and an active animal welfarist, I would like to share the following thoughts.

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Guest Post: Undercover Agendas

Mike Haley is a fifth generation farmer in Ohio.  Together with his wife and father he manages a small herd of purebred Simmental cattle, in addition to raising corn, soybeans, and wheat.  Mike is active in social media and agriculture advocacy and can be found on twitter @farmerhaley

Tuesday night I watched a horrendous video of a farm employee blatantly and purposely beating dairy cows and calves.  It is hard to describe everything that I was feeling; I was enraged, mad, speechless, and in the end I could barely keep from crying.  That video in no way depicts the way I treat my cows, or the way in which the vast majority of farmers would treat their livestock.  I personally can guarantee that it is the worst thing I ever seen or heard of happening on a farm in Ohio, or anywhere else around the country.

Responsibility: Producer & Consumer

This post is in response to a blog posted by @zacharyadamcohen

We have had several civil discussions over the past few months finding areas that we agree and other areas which we agree to disagree. This post is in no way an attack on him, nor do I want any of my followers to be rude or attack him because you may disagree with his statements. I post this response with respect and in answer for his request for farmers and ranchers to respond.


I respectfully disagree with your assessment that farmers are to blame for the publics decisions on what to eat, how much to eat and what type of lifestyle to lead that leads to obesity. It is a philosophical difference between your ideology and mine.

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