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Perfect Pumpkin

Kyle's Perfect Pumpkin

This weekend, we took the family to a local pumpkin patch. My son searched for a bit and soon returned to request the clippers.

I asked him, “Did you find the perfect pumpkin?”

He replied, “Yes!”

I asked, “Why is it perfect?”

He replied, “Because I love it!”

Lesson to be learned, from the mouth of a child.

DOL (Department Opposed to Labor) Strikes Again

My son helping change water.

I received an email the other day from a friend…an email that at first I thought was a joke, a spoof, one of those emails that once you read part way down says something to the effect of “Gotcha! Things aren’t really as bad they seem.”

I read through the synopsis…waiting to come to the “Gotcha” part…it wasn’t there…this was a legitimate proposal by the Department of Labor.

I was dumfounded at first…then a state of disbelief…followed by a wave of legitimate anger.

How could anyone seriously propose these new regulations for agricultural employment of children?

What is even worse, is that it will negatively impact and make illegal, many of the routine activities considered by the department to be “work” that occur on a daily basis on all farms and ranches. Read more…

Family Friday – Stop Thief

Stop Thief by Parker Brothers

This past Family Friday, my son chose to play a game…’Stop Thief‘, (Link to a review by the Retroist) by Parker Brothers.

Not a “modern” game by any means, but one that I hung on to from my childhood. Amazingly, my 4 (soon to be be 5) year old son, latched on to it and has surprisingly picked it up rather quickly.

Play the part of detective “Sheerluck Homes,” “Lester Lose O’,” “Mavis Marvel” or “Nanny Harrow.”

Catch criminals like “Bunny & Clod” the petty thieves, “Saul Teen” the safecracker, and “John Doe” the buck passer, by following the clues.

A wonderful game of deduction and laughs for the entire family.

First Family Friday

September 12, 2011 4 comments

This past summer has been crazy….

Due to long hours haying, my wife being gone for eight weeks in CO to become a Two-Star Parelli Professional we have had very little family together time.

My wife and son went on a camping trip for four days…but I had to stay home and hay.

My son and I spent three days at the county fair, showing sheep and horses…but my wife was helping put on a clinic in OR.

Upon my wife’s return from CO last week, we sat down and decided that we needed to set aside some family time and came up with the idea of Family Friday.

Being able to do things together as a family is very important to us and with our son about to turn 5, it is setting in that time waits for no one.

Family Fridays have now been designated as the day or night that we will do some activity together as a family, without distractions, just focusing on us as a family…having fun!

Last Friday was our first, with the entire family back home at the same time.

To start our new tradition, we headed to the mountains for a few hours with the horses. There is nothing better than a peaceful ride as a family, dogs bouncing through the Manzanita, breeze blowing through the trees and the smell of pine in the air.

It was agreed by all, as we headed back to the truck and trailer…Family Friday was a great idea.

Looking forward to this coming Family Friday….

Side Note: We took our ride in forest managed by Sierra Pacific and they are doing an excellent job of maintaining forest health. Nice job Mark Lathrop (@sustainablewood on Twitter)!

Fathers Beware or A Horse Trader Is Born

I could not wait on this post….

I have been trying to teach my son the skill of bargaining and using logic to make deals with people to get what he wants or to save money. He has attempted several times with me…unsuccessfully…until today.

I just returned from the local Hardware Store with my son.  My purpose for going was to pick up new hacksaw blades, a pair of pipe pliers and another roll of duct tape (not for running out yesterday min you.)

My son and I have an “understanding” when we go to the hardware store; he may look, but not touch.

Today, while finding the proper hacksaw blades, my son came up to me and said, “Dad, I found a truck I like and it’s only 5-9-9.”

I said,”Good for you! Want me to add it to your wish list?”

Son: “I don’t think so. I think I want to buy it dad.”

Me: “Hmm, ok…is this truck something that you need or want?”

Son: “I know dad, we don’t need everything we want. I’ll tell you what, I’ll make you a deal.”

Me: “Ok. What’s deal are you proposing?”

Son: “I’ll pay for it with my piggy bank and pick up the trash in the yard from the dogs.”

Me: “Are you sure you want to spend $5.99 of your hard-earned money on this toy?”

Son: “Well……I can choose five toys from home to sell and use that to refill my piggy bank and you can pay me $2 for cleaning the yard.”

Me: “Yes, you can do that if you want to and I’m willing to pay you to clean the yard, but are you sure you really “need” this truck?”

Son: “No…but I can rummage toys from home to pay for it, I’ll work for pay and if I play with it I will be exercising and making myself healthy.”

Me: “With that logic son, I’ll buy it for you, but you still have to choose five toys to rummage. Ok?”

Son:”Is that a deal dad?”

Me: “That is definitely a deal, son.”

Son: “Shake on it?”

Me: “I’ll shake on it. [smiling]”

Son: “Thank you dad!”

I just had to share this with you.

Not sure if I’m proud or worried….



Dawn Of A New Agriculturist

Dawn of a New Agriculture

Dawn of a New Agriculture

Recently, I have seen a number of comments referring to amazement at the time a number of farmers and ranchers spend off the home place traveling. I felt compelled to put together my thoughts on the matter, as this related directly to me and how I have decided to invest my time both on and off the ranch.

Farmers and ranchers today are faced with a plethora of decisions to make when it comes to how to invest their time.  For decades, farmers and ranchers spent nearly every waking hour on the farm or ranch, and maybe, every once in a while, would take a day or two off to go to the county fair or a very short vacation. Times have changed. Read more…

Life and Death

First Lamb of 2011

Kyle with 1st lamb of 2011

As some of you are aware, my parents have sheep as well as cattle and have been in Denver the past few days at the NCBA Convention. As with most family farms and ranches, the family that stays home covers the responsibilities of those who are away.

This morning, my 4 year old son Kyle and I drove to the other side of the ranch to check the lambing ewes for my parents, do their morning chores and feed their cows. Upon arriving we quickly noticed a Suffolk ewe in one corner of the pen in labor and a Hampshire ewe in labor in another corner. The Hamp ewe already had one lamb out and its head was up, indicating that she was getting along by herself. However, the Suffolk ewe looked to be in great distress and we could see a head of lamb showing and it was swollen with its tongue hanging out, not a good sign. Read more…

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