How Do You Invest Your Brand?

This is a follow-up to my recent post “Behavior, Brand, Impact.”  

Social media has opened a door of opportunity to promote businesses, organizations, events and projects. How does a person go about deciding what to “RT” on Twitter, “Share” on Facebook, “Link” to in a blog, or “Upload” an endorsement on You Tube? Do you quickly show support based on the recommendation of a “friend” or “follower,” or do you carefully analyze situation and the individuals involved?

Your image or brand is affected not only by what you say and how you say it, but also by what and who you choose to support, endorse or promote.

Personally, I am very selective when it comes to publicly supporting anything. I have a very simple checklist that I typically rundown to determine whether or not to actively engage in promoting any business, organization or project.

My Check List:

  1. Is the organization/event inclusive?
  2. Does the organization/event promote unity and working together?
  3. Does the organization/event encourage open conversation and dialogue, even with dissenting viewpoints?
  4. Are the individuals involved in the organization/event courteous, civil, respectful and professional in their engagements through both personal and professional interactions?

 Currently, there only four endeavors that I have voluntarily devoted time and energy to promoting:

 AgChat Foundation – An organization with a mission to empower farmers and ranchers to connect communities through social media platforms. They believe in the importance of the farmer and rancher sharing their individual and unique story. The Foundation recognizes the importance of diversity in American agriculture and focuses on building bridges and communities on trust and respect, garnered through civil and professional conversations.

Know A California Farmer – This project that brought together a diverse group of member driven commodity organizations in California with the purpose to provide a platform for California farmers and ranchers to share their story with the public. All of the content on the KACF site is from farmers and ranchers representing diverse production practices and commodities. This project enables and encourages conversations to take place between growers and consumers.

 Farm American – This program is a dream of Mr. Barney Visser, to promote the importance of a viable and diverse American agricultural industry, focusing on the family farmer, forester and rancher, to prevent the dependence on a foreign food and fiber supply. What makes this project unique is that the focus is on a mobile, interactive unit that will travel not only to racetracks, but also schools and shopping centers as it follows the NASCAR circuit, the car is secondary. Farm American is promoting conversation and engagement between local farmers, foresters and ranchers and the public. For more information on this project visit Advocates for Agriculture, Mike Rowe Works, Ray-Lin Dairy and previous posts on my blog.

I Love Farmers…They Feed My Soul – An energetic project driven by youth in agriculture to create conversations among peers about food and where it comes from. This is an amazing group of students, from high school to college, who have accomplished great things in furthering dialogue and involvement of young people in agricultural conversation.

 Do you have a checklist?

 What endeavors do you support and why?

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