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Thoughts On 2010 California Election

A number of folks have asked my position on a number of races, propositions & measures in California, Siskiyou County and Scott Valley; so here are my personal, “Ag Friendly” recommendations.

Senator – Carly Fiorina

Boxer has been worthless. Period. Carly has pledged to work with Senator Feinstein on the Central Valley Water issues, the Klamath Water issues and understands that smaller government, less onerous regulations and lower taxes stimulate job creation.

Governor – Meg Whitman

Simply put, California cannot afford another term of Brown. Much of the regulatory nightmare we are confronted with today is a result of his previous term. Meg has the complete opposite philosophy and supports growing agriculture in all of its diversity.

Lieutenant Governor – Abel Maldanado

Attorney General – Steve Cooley

State Senate, District 4 – Doug LaMalfa

I have the utmost respect for Doug. He was an outstanding Assemblyman, has a first hand understanding of farming, ranching and the water issues facing our district.

Proposition 19 – No, Would legalize marijuana

Proposition 20 – Yes, Allows Citizens Redistricting Commission to draw congressional districts, not legislature.

Proposition 21 – No, Would impose another new fee

Proposition 22 – Yes, Prevents state from borrowing or taking funds from local government

Proposition 23 – Yes, Will suspend AB 32

Proposition 24 – No, Would repeal Business tax credits

Proposition 25 – No, Would change budget vote from 2/3 to majority

Proposition 26 – Yes, Increases vote requirement from simple majority to 2/3 to impose fees, levies and charges & requires voters to approve local fees or charges.

Proposition 27 – No, Would take job of drawing district boundaries from CRC and give it back to the legislature.

Measure G (Klamath Dam Removal) – No, Would support removal of Iron Gate, Copco 1 and Copco 2 dams, eliminating local, green power and put Scott Valley and Shasta Valley farmers and ranchers water rights in jeopardy.

Measure E (School Bond) – No, Would impose unfair taxes on farms and ranches, taxing all property, including equipment and machinery.

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