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Time – Focus On Children

The past three weeks has caused me to contemplate the matter of time and how I budget time. Like finances, time can be budgeted and I highly recommend that folks do, for many of the same reasons. Like money, time can be wasted. However, unlike money, more time cannot be earned. We are here on this planet for a finite period and it is important we invest our time wisely.

Begin your Time Budget by establishing what is most important to you, budget your time accordingly and then write it down and stick to your budget. Similar to money, time has an ROI (Return On Investment) value. It is important that the time you spend is quality time, especially when it comes to time invested with our children.

Spending time with a child is valuable, but make it quality time. Give your undivided attention to your son/daughter, eliminate the distractions and let them set the pace. Think about it. Do you simply reply in short responses (“I see,” “that’s nice,” “interesting,” etc.) or do you engage in dialogue? When going for a walk or ride, do you go ahead or let them set the speed and travel with them, seeing what they see, when they see it and in the manner which they see it?

Having the opportunity to be a single parent for a month has caused me to realize the importance in spending quality time with a child. It requires me to slow down my pace, have patience and listen. Does it require time? Certainly! But my son is a high priority and I have modified my Time Budget to be able to spend more quality time with him. Approaching time in a different frame of mind has opened the door to a vast world of opportunity to teach; making those drives in the pickup, rides in the swather, changing water on the ATV and evening walks down the lane all the more special and valuable.

How do you budget your time?

My budget says it is time to take my son fishing, at the neighbor’s reservoir, before we get into the routine of 2nd cutting.

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