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Rules To Accept When Living On A Farm Or Ranch

This is a “living” list that will continue to grow as time marches on. I have personally experienced each of these and have been able to accept the humor in each event (some more than once). Hopefully, after reading them, you will be quicker to find the lighter side as you experience, or have experienced them.

Pertaining To Children:

Rule #1: DO NOT leave keys in 4 wheelers, trucks & tractors. If U have to ask, you don’t have kids.

Rule #2: Hide clippers, or dogs WILL get hair cuts.

Rule #3: If they see an animal or bird eat it, they will.

Rule #4: If there is a mud puddle, leak around a riser, ditch, sprinkler or hose, they WILL get wet.

Rule #5: DO NOT leave ladders leaning up against hay stacks.

Rule #6: If you do not secure slides at the bottom of elevated grain tanks, they WILL open them.

Rule #7: Don’t leave partial buckets of hydraulic fluid by water faucets, they will get “re-filled.”

Pertaining To Self:

Rule #1: Invest in phone contact backup. It’s not for IF you loose your phone, but WHEN you loose it.

Rule #2: When the government agent says “Trust me.” DON’T!

Rule #3: When the thermometer reads 87 degrees, the roof that needs fixing is at least 117.

Rule #4: When operating equipment with hydraulics, the line that breaks is always the one closest to the person.

Rule #5: There is NO dry way to fix a drain plug, early in the morning, on a pressurized wheel line.

Rule #6: Never stand above a pressurized riser while opening the valve. At 80 psi a valve will knock you out and you wake up very wet. Ok on a hot day, not on 50 degree morning.

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